Friday, November 10, 2017

October blessings

October...Full of Blessings

WOW - wish you could have been here this last month or a least for 10 days or so.  October is the month that all The House/IVBI Bible Schools are celebrating year end graduations.  We made it to all of them and were able to share in their excitement & joy.  We traveled to the different locations and stayed 2 or 3 days in each village fellowshipping and having awesome times in the presence of the Lord.  This was their completion of 10 months of classes.   The first year students are already looking forward for January and starting the new school year.  These students are transforming the areas surrounding their individual village with great joy & power in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Team Prey and Krovanh

Early this monthTeam Prey and Krovanh Bible Schools joined together on this farm to prepare for their end of year celebration and graduation.  

We do love the people from the countryside. They always show excitement when they see us coming, and appreciate so much the opportunity provided them to attend school and learn about the Word of God. To them it is like manna from heaven. Something they never dreamed they would be able achieve... but God!

Most of the students from the second school in Krovanh arrived by a motto cart driven by their instructor. They traveled for 4 + hours through bumpy muddy potholes to get to ceremonies.  After traveling such a long distance was still easy to spot the joy in their hearts and faces, even when it was time to travel back.

Our hearts are so full and blessed to be a part of this.  For all of you who partner with us...thank you, thank you, thank you, from us and our students.

Random pictures

 Government District Leader Visits Ceremonies
Whenever there is an event, celebration, etc. in a village, town, or province, the people will invite their local official to attend. The man sitting at the table is a government official for the District in the town of Chhuk.  He came to give congratulations to the students and greet the guests.  

During the service he heard what the Bible Schools were about and the many testimonies of the students saying how their lives had been changed by the Bible Schools.  
Don address the students with a message of encouragement to continue seeking God and growing in the Lord.  The special guest also address the students, families and others, congratulating them on their achievements.  As he finished speaking, Pastor Bunreth asked him if he was a believer in Jesus Christ.  When he answered no, Pastor Bunreth gave him a short explanation of the gospel, and asked if he would like to receive Jesus Christ as his Savior. His response was, YES! Right then and there in front of a full audience of students, neighbors and guests, he prayed to receive Jesus Christ as his Savior.  We wish you could have been there to hear the applauds and praises that roared up to our God.  Glory be to Jesus our Lord and our King of Kings!

Bunreth prays for Govt Official.
Bible School District Leader presents Govt. Official with a Bible.

To God be the Glory!

3 School Celebration in Kampot
We are so proud of all of our students and leaders. We see so much growth in their lives, whether pastors in teaching the Word or as a student hearing and applying it.  Coming back from these ceremonies our hearts are grateful for God's faithfulness and love for the Cambodian people. 

Chhuk I Second Year Graduates

Chhuk II 1st Year Students

Kep First Year Students 

More Random Pictures
I can't remember what was so funny!


Leadership Review & Training
Our time with the Leaders at the end of October was a precious time in the Saviors presence as we worshipped and praise him.  We're thankful  for all He has accomplished this year and for the growth of the students.  These are all anointed men who love the Lord and want to see their nation turn from predominantly Buddhist to Christian.  There is a Cambodian song that is song in churches that says "Cambodia is for Christ".  We believe that and are seeing it come together.

Happy Praise time... thankful for all God has done...

A Word From Don

January 2018 will start the 6th year of Bible Schools, plus we'll be expanding to a couple of new areas.  The instructors are in place, the locations are in place and it seems good to us that God is wanting us to move forward and keep pushing darkness back in the Name of Jesus.

Great appreciation goes to you for your prayers & financial support - we could not have even begun to do the work that has been accomplished here in Cambodia without your prayer, words of encouragement and faithful donations.

Let me say this again, in America the cost of just one studentgoing to College or a University can be approximately $20,000+ each year.  Here in Cambodia $7,200.00 will fully fund 25 students for 2 years.  We feel this is a good ground for your seed investment.  As funding increases there are more people that can be reached and changed for eternity.  Will you consider supporting more students or schools by investing in these Bible Schools?  
100% of all school funding goes directly into the Bible Schools - none is spent on other ministry expenses, none is spent on any administration expenses or any personal expenses. We would love to have you join us in partnership to bless the people of Cambodia. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Back in Cambodia

A Hospital "Welcome Back"....

There's always new and unexpected adventures as we walk through life's journey.  As many of you know from FaceBook, 2 days after arriving I woke up in extreme pain and Don took me into the hospital emergency room. I was diagnosed with appendicitis and was taken in for an hour and 45 minute surgery. Looking back, God was merciful in so many ways, showing his faithfulness and care. This could have happened before we left the US which would have caused us to change our flights... very costly, or it could have happened in the air during our 25 hour trip. But instead we were home and the hospital which is only 15 minutes away was an accredited hospital.  (Not many of those around here.)  Praise God all went well and I have recovered nicely. I'm running up and down the stairs, doing laundry on the roof, unpacking and cleaning.  My only instructions from the doctor were not to lift anything heavy. I can handle that...       I've got my Don!

Stateside Activities
It's always a special time when we get to go back to the states and visit with our family and friends. These are the times we remember and treasure when we're away. We're hoping to one year be able to go at Christmas so we can spend time with our loved ones during the holidays. It's been 6 years since we've had Christmas together.

Most missionaries would agree with us that coming back is not a vacation. Our calendars are full with traveling near and far working to raise funds for ministry, taking care of Doctor, Dentist, taxes and any other business appointments needed. 
Catching up with family and friends is our reward for coming.

For all those we were able to see and visit with, and those we weren't able to fit in this trip, please know that we love you and appreciate each one of you. See you next time.

THC Schools Growing and Thriving
Traveling in the rain
Next month is the end of the school year for the Bible Schools.  It's a time 
when we look forward to hearing the testimonies from our students; sharing what they've learned, and how their lives have changed through the teaching of the Word. They are amazing students - eager to learn more about God, and willing to apply His principles to their lives. People are giving their hearts to the Lord, getting filled with the Spirit, healed & set free from sickness, disease & demonic oppression. I wish you could see the growth & changes in their lives. 

Man delivered from demonic spirit

This month, we were told about a man and his wife who brought their son to the Bible School to be prayed for.  They said he was demon possessed and had been this way for several years but now he was attacking people, hitting them with sticks, rocks or whatever he could find.

The parents had to use a chain on his foot to keep him from hurting anyone.  Our Bible School instructor and the students began to pray over him.  At first, he resisted, striking the instructor in the face, but the instructor took authority in Jesus name, casted the demon out and the man settled down. He was freed from the oppressive spirit that was tormenting him.

The next day he returned to the Bible school, in his right mind and unchained. He joined the students singing, praising and worshipping God. You don't often hear these types of stories in the states, although they do exist. We're grateful that in this spiritually active place the name of JESUS trumps all!
I can see...

Thank you to our donors for providing reading glasses for the students.  Being able to see the Word clearly makes a big difference when you're in school.  :) 

It also helps to see things closer, not needing to stretch your arms out...

Lots of rain...but pressing forward!

Lots of rain and flooding around us. Did you happen to see the video of the flooded streets we drove through a few days ago.  We posted the video on FB.  There were 3 different areas we drove through, on our way home, that were flooded. Each area was about 1,000 feet long and about 12 to 18 inches deep.  Water waves from other cars coming toward us would wash over the hood of the car in many places.  We were praying not to stall in the middle of these lakes of water.  Praise God He brought us home safely.
Next week we will be traveling to Esther's Rescue House.  Miss those beautiful girls and we're anxious to spend some time with them.  Don is getting my flannel board ready with the
 new backdrops we purchased while in the states. The girls love the Bible stories and I love telling them about their perfect and loving Heavenly Father. Brought back a couple of games to play with them as well. 

We're thankful to God for the work He has called us to do here and thankful for each one of you who make our work possible.  Without your prayers & financial what you see here  in these pages would not be possible.  Your seed planted here in Cambodia will bring big dividends. We all have a part in the Harvest Field.  Thank you for your part in partnering with us.
Don & Maria Whitney
Whitney Outreach Ministries
P.S.  If you haven't partnered with us yet, we hope you will consider joining us in this work through your prayers and monthly support.

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