Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Exciting News....

We are excited to announce that Whitney 
Ministries is now officially Whitney Outreach Ministries, a non-profit, 501c3 organization.
We've been working hard on getting this 
status for about a year, and now it's official. Donations made to our ministry using the name, Whitney Outreach Ministries, will now receive your donation giving statement at the end of the year from Whitney Outreach Ministries. If you've previously addressed your checks to The House Modesto with our name on the memo line, you will receive your giving statement from The House.  
We are grateful to The House Modesto, our home church 
and covering, who has graciously helped us by getting out your giving records that were sent through them these past years. While they continue to be an encouragement and support to our ministry, it is no longer necessary to send checks made out
to The House Modesto. You can now send your support to 
"Whitney Outreach Ministries" at the same address as before.  

We thank you for your continued prayers, support and trust, that keeps us pressing on and doing the work God has called us to do.

Stateside Activities
While here in the states we've been sharing about God's 
work in Cambodia, arranging a place for us to stay, visiting family and friends & making doctor and dentist appointments. 
Often we're asked how we like coming back and resting 
from our work in Cambodia.  Honestly, folks, our schedule is 
busier here than it is back "home" in Cambodia. However, 
it is wonderful to be able to spend time with the family and catch up with some dear friends in between the itinerating 
and meetings and appointments. Below are a few photos of Don doing his favorite thing...sharing God's Word:

I got the mic!
Schools Continue...
While we're here in the states the Bible Schools are continuing on with their monthly classes. We receive attendance, financial reports and pictures from all the schools each month, often with special testimonies.

Pastor Bunreth Teaching

Taking notes

Praying for the sick

Learning the Word
Esther's Story
In January, the first month of Bible Schools, we visited a new school that was starting their first year in Siem Reap. Everyone was excited to begin their classes.  They all came in chattering and laughing then politely came over with their hands clasped together for the tradition bow and greeting. While everyone was excitedly talking, there was one lady who came by herself and asked for prayer.  She seemed very tired and down.  I was asked to pray for her through an interpreter. She believed she was cursed since her husband and several other family members had died. I remember asking her what her name was. I was told it was Ean, meaning Shame. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said "change her name" so I did.  I named her Esther...for such a time as this and prayed over her. When we were done praying she smiled and sat down. This was in January and today she still answers to her new name, Esther.
Esther had heard about the Bible School and had decided she was going to attend even though the school was 19 miles away.  She walked!  Just got up early and began walking. I heard her shoe had broken so she had to walk barefoot most of the way, but she made it to school.  She has been faithful to her classes every month walking those 19 miles each way.

This month her classmates, after taking a collection, surprised Esther by presenting her with a brand new bicycle.
Esther has learned and experienced the Father love in ways she never imagined. Her life is no longer cursed but blessed. She loves the Lord and sharing His goodness. Every month when she goes home from school, she shares with a group of people in her village all that she has learned at Bible School. Esther is not just a hearer of the Word, but a doer of the Word.  Esther is illiterate!
Sharing the Gospel on Radio
So proud of Pastor Bunreth, our Bible School Director.  He was asked to speak and share about the Schools on a local radio station in Phnom Penh.  He also did a question and answer segment on "Family" which is one the courses offered at the schools.

This man is a vital part of our ministry with a passion to see Cambodia for Christ.
New Believer


This month, the students at the Kep Bible School invited this man to visit one of their classes.  After he heard the Word being taught, he became a believer and gave his heart to the Jesus our Lord.

Here he is with Pastor Bunreth after leading him to accept the Savior.

Upcoming Dates...

Thank you so much for allowing us to send you these update newsletters from Cambodia.

There is always so much to share and so little time and space to do it in. We leave to return to Cambodia on September 3rd. Should you like to have us speak at your church, Bible Study or home cell group, we welcome the invitation. 

The following is our remaining itinerary before we leave. Hope we can see some of you before we go back!

July 26th    7 pm         
Learn The Word - The House Modesto 
1601 Coffee Road, Modesto, CA (Fellowship Hall)

July 30th   11:00 am   
Spirit of Truth Church Worldwide
701 Pomona Street,
Crockett, CA.

Aug 9th     12:00 pm   
Businessmen's Fellowship (BMF)
Denny's Restaurant
San Pablo Ave
El Cerrito, CA

Aug 13th   10:30 am   
One Church/St John's Chapel of Modesto
430 Downy Ave. 
Modesto, CA

Aug 27    10:00am      
New Life Community Church
6442 Estelle Ave
Riverbank, CA

Blessings to you all.  

Your Missionaries serving Cambodia 

Don and Maria Whitney
Whitney Outreach Ministries

Monday, July 11, 2016

Amazing story of a Khmer Rouge survivor, Dareth Ly

This is an amazing story that gives us a first hand view of what it was like to live through this terrible time in history.

Soon we will be returning to Battambang and continuing our ministry there. Please remember to pray for us and the nation of Cambodia. We thank you for your prayers and support.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Setting the Captives Free

Our Bible School leader and students ministered to this man and prayed a prayer of deliverance as he received Christ.

Traditional religious ties were broken and this man was set free.

Monday, March 21, 2016

God still heals and delivers

Pastor Meas Samoul, one of our instructors recently shared at our leadership meetings how God is working in and through his church members in miraculous ways.  A church member went with his wife into the forest to find roots. He later layed down on the ground to take a knapp.  A poisonous snake came and bit him on the head while he was knapping.  His wife ran to Pastor Meas Samoul to have him pray. Pastor prayed that the venom would not have any power to hurt the man and the man was totally healed.

Another member had gone up to the mountains with his son and father.
He said demons were attacking the grandfather causing him to shake very badly and he was filled with tremendous fear.  Early in the morning the son and grandson prayed in the name of Jesus for the grandfather to be freed. He immediately stopped shaking and the fear was gone.
The grandfather was not a believer, but his wife who was a Budhist priest saw the miracle and became a believer in the power of the Christian God. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New School - in the Village of Romdul

This school in the countryside is almost to the Vietnam border. Students here never dreamed they would have the opportunity to study the Word of God. Our graduate students are now there teaching their countryman and women God's Word.  We are so excited to see what God will do with this small but dedicated group.

New School in Chhuk

Pastor Saran another one of our leaders from the village of Chhuk, in the Province of Kampot, began instructing at his Bible School in January as well.  The reports were exciting. This is by far the biggest Bible School we have had.  Most of our schools run between 9 and 23 students.  The school in Chhuk started with a class of 47 registered students.  Some students are Pastors and/or church workers. They actually meet in a church building and not outside like many of the other schools.

Pastor Bunreth teacing

"May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord." 2 Peter 1:2

New THC Bible School in Kravainh

A new THC Bible School started this January in the Village of Kravainh, in the Province of Pursat.  We are so proud of our graduating students who have risen up to become instructors for this new school.

There is a difficult road getting to this village but these instructors are committed and enthusiastic about bringing the Word of God to their people. Many of the students have been attending church for sometime, others are actually Pastors who never had the opportunity to attend Bible School.  To them this is a miracle of God, allowing them to learn and grow in the Word so they can become strong in the spirit and preach the Word more accurately.

We arrived just as they were setting up for the class. Old worn plastic chairs were brought in from we don't know where, and arranged by the desks that sat on dirt floors. The desks were made of wood with rough edges but workable.  All along the perimeter of this "Bottom House" school, were chicken's and ducks.  Occasionally they would fly up on an empty table.

As the students began coming in, there was the traditional bow with clasped hands greeting us along with a big smile. These people were so appreciative and happy that we were there. Most of them arrived by mottos.

Gradually the chairs and desks started filling in.  There was an atmosphere of joy and excitement as each found their places after greeting one another.  They came with Bibles, notebooks, pens and some with markers.  A few sat in the back, maybe feeling a little shy because they were the illiterate ones.  They lived on the farm all their lives, and never had opportunity to attend school; only to work.  Once they knew that they were accepted to attend and listen to the classes, their smiles became contagious.

Don and I welcomed the students. Don taught the first and second class of the morning while the rooster crowed and Bunreth interpreted.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunbeam Sisters December 2015

 Sunbeam Sisters praying for the health of our friend and violin player who went with us to minister at the Handa Hospital.  So proud of how willing these girls are to go to the throne room of God on behalf of others.


 Just random pictures of all these beauties

New Bible School in Kravanh

A few weeks ago we visited one of our new Bible Schools in the village of Kravanh.
The roads were very narrow with lots of potholes.  Several times we thought we would end up in a ditch because of the narrow roads, but praise God we got there.
The new students were anxiously waiting
for us and soon the chairs arrived and they
began setting up for school.

The students were eager to start and joined in quickly during prayer and worship.
It seemed to me that no one was shy in this village. We know that some were illiterate and expressed their gratefulness that they were allowed to attend.  The class was furnished with worn wood table and chairs.
The dirt floors hosted chickens perching on the table's foot rests.

As I looked around, I saw several opened Bibles, pencils, and colored marking pens ready to be used for class.  We were humbled to see their eagerness and hunger for the Word of God.  Even those who were illiterate not able to read sat with expectation on their faces. Oh...the hunger!

We opened the class with roosters crowing
in the background but the Spirit of the Lord was there in the midst of these thirsty souls.

"The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor..." John 15.16