Wednesday, August 24, 2022

August 2022
July in Cambodia
Special times at our leader's retreat in Kep
How can we begin to share with you the amazing and powerful time we had in the month of July, while visiting back in Cambodia? As we prepared for the trip, trusting in God's faithfulness in spite of various obstacles along the way, God came through, as He always does, with anwered prayers, opened doors, and the many blessings of His favor. Many of you took part in these blessings without even being aware of the needs. We thank you for believing, trusting, and partnering with us in His Harvest Field in Cambodia. Below are just a few pictures and reports of our time there.
7 Graduations
Kampong Chhnang
Beoung Trakun
Anchor Chey and Chor Dom
Svey Reing
Chhuk III and Dong Tune
Tears of gratitude from her achievement
We are all one family!
Retreat with Team Leaders, Instructors, and Wives.
Arriving to Retreat
Meal Time
Pastor Bunreth & Don
Maria with Ladies
Teaching Time
Prayer & Worship]
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A favorite Cambodian song...
"We are one family" in Khmer
Retreat Worship Library 1 of 1
Receiving God's Wisdom
Proverbs 20:5 TPT. "A man of deep understanding will give good advice, drawing it out from the well within."
Pastor Chanda - Beong Trokun
I am an instruction partner with Pastor Rith Lina. Thank you for Bible School. I went in 2018 and 2019. I love to teach as I understand the Word of God. I prayed about starting a school and God opened that door. Some. of the students are illiterate but they are all studying even more. They rise up to do the work of God. It is a blessing to see that now students can disciple others. Thirty-two (32) souls have come to the Lord through the Bible School.
Pastor Rith Lina, Pastor Chanda and Don
Pastor Mao
"I am grateful to Pastor Don and Maria for bringing Bible School to Cambodia. I was a student at Chhuk 1 for two years, 2018 and 2019. Later I was asked to start Bible School. Now at my church people are growing up and evangelizing village by village. I learn to teach and let students watch. Thank God, that first-year students are receiving certificates. Twenty students will continue on to second year, and more are waiting to start next year.
My church people are evangelizing and casting out demons. This is a miracle."
Pastor Long Sophorn = Svey Reing
"I am so grateful for this Bible School team. I went to The House Cambodia Bible School for two years and graduated in 2014. I am so thankful I went.
God corrected me and I learned to give 10% to the Lord. I wanted to start a Bible School and God provided the way. We did our part but Covid stopped us. We finished all the 1st year classes in June.
During Covid, we had 10 cell groups in my area. The students grew in prayer and serving. The people in the church are learning to give 10% and we were able to feed 20 poor people in one day.

I'm praying for God to replace my 1991 car which is not in good condition so I can start a second Bible School in Seam Reap."

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Roadside Miracle
The Power of a Prayer of Faith!
On our way to one of the school graduations, we drove by what had been a motorcycle accident just ahead of us. As we drove by we could see a woman laying on the road. She was surrounded by people standing by while one man was trying to resuscitate her, frequently checking to see if she was breathing. We stopped the truck. Don and Pastor Bunreth went to the scene and began to pray, binding the spirit of death and speaking Words of life. Just a moments after their prayer the woman opened her eyes and began to move!!
A Visit with Sunbeam Sisters
All grown-up!
Visited with Sunbeam Sisters, a group of girls from the orphanage that Maria had Bible Study with weekly for 3 years. They're all grown up now. What beauties inside and out. They are attending University and are involved in their church in Battambang.
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Making a Difference
As you can see, it truly has been an exciting and rewarding trip and these are just a few highlights. It has always been our prayer that the ministry would have "fruit that remains". These Team Leaders and instructors have been faithful and loyal to the cause of Christ. They have never given up discipling and spreading the gospel even with the challenges of covid and in our absence only having our weekly Zoom calls.

We weren't able to cover all the ministries we visited, but maybe in our next newsletter...

God is doing great things in Cambodia. The Harvest is plentiful and READY. We must do all that we can to spread the gospel as we see His coming drawing near.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. Together we continue to make a difference.

Your Missionaries,
Don and Maria Whitney