Tuesday, March 23, 2021

March Newsletter

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Pressing Forward in 2021

Hello family and friends,

This year started off with both Don and I getting Covid-19 at the end of January and the first of February. Don was very sick and in the hospital for 4 days. While I tested positive as well, I had no symptoms and was able to care for Don. God helped us through this time with the help of family, neighbors, and friends from a local church here in Delhi, CA.

Pressing Forward - Since March of last year, we've managed the ministry from our RV (in California) as our home base. We're so thankful for technology that keeps us in close contact with all of our leaders, both Bible Schools and Kingdom Kids. All is going well, growing, and running smoothly as they have embraced their calling and stepped up into their leadership positions.

Another new update! It’s been difficult for us to find an affordable home in California. God has miraculously led us to change our home base to Broken Arrow, Ok. This is an area Don lived, worked, and went to Bible school. He knows several people there from his days at Victory Christian Center which is where we get the Bible curriculum for the schools. We will continue to return to California each year to itinerate for the ministry and visit our ministry covering, The House, Modesto. Please keep us in prayer as we walk through this new season. We are excited for all that God is doing and we thank you for your continual prayers and support which mean so much to us.

As Covid restrictions lighten up in Cambodia, our current plan is to go back for graduations in October.

Good things are happening in Cambodia. Read on as we share some of them with you here.

Bible Schools Open

The THC Bible Schools opened up again after being closed for 10 months. Eight schools opened in January and 194 students were excited to return to school, learn and apply God's Word to their lives. We have now reached our 25th 2-year Bible School since we first came to Cambodia 9 years ago. We are grateful for Pastor Bunreth, our Director, and all the other 13 Cambodian teachers and leaders God has raised up to be part of the team. We are blessed.

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Classes starting in January. Worship and prayer are an important part of school.


Students arrive on their mottos from various surrounding villages to learn God's Word. Some sleep in the churches others in hammocks outside under the trees.


The lady teaching the new convert, attended our first Bible School in Svey Reang about 7 years ago. She is now a leader in her church and this Bible School is located at her church.


Here is our alumni lady baptizing this new convert! Glory be to God.

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Bible Schools in session. Thank you for making this possible.


Another group of Bible School students at school.

Kingdom Kids growing in the Lord and knowledge of his Word.

Khema, one of our leade teachers, has been teaching the children how to pray, and to pray for one another as the Bible tells us to do. Hope you enjoy these precious little ones being "doers of the Word"

The children meet each Sunday at various locations. This particular group meets in the Capitol of Phnom Penh in a local Cambodian neighborhood. The children come from all around the neighborhood and together are learning to pray, hear Bible stories, memorize scripture, sing and do crafts.

Whether in the city or out in the countryside these children run to attend and are faithful to come each Sunday. Added support is needed to help with the various unique supplies for each location.

All our teachers are dedicated and have been trained and anointed to teach the children.

Our Kingdom Kids teacher is teaching the children how to pray for one another hands on!
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Kingdom Kids ...Teacher Training Celebration.

This month our Kingdom Kids lead teachers received their training certificate for the year.

Our Head Trainer, Nahyun Heather Kim, has been working with them for over 2 years. She is amazing and we've been so happy to have her join our team. Please pray for her as she will be leaving for Canada and the US to itinerate this coming year. She will need much prayer as you know travel anywhere at this time can be difficult. Heather is leaving 3 capable ladies in her place. We will be in contact with Heather throughout the year to plan for the following year and may even get to see her when she comes to the US.


Training program completed by these top teachers.

News Flash!!!!

Just got an email this week from Pastor Bunreth, our Bible School Director. He shared that one of the schools, with 32 students, were all baptized in the Holy Spirit during class worship.


We are so grateful for all that God is doing, in spite of the enemy's schemes and plans. We serve a good God who is trustworthy and faithful to complete the work he has started in us and for His people and ministry in Cambodia. Don and I continue to follow His lead and are excited about this new season.

We thank you for partnering with us, especially through the changes ahead as we press forward with Whitney Outreach Ministries. Our ministry's successes are your rewards!


Monday, October 7, 2019

New cell groups continue to grow

It's amazing how much our students after being filled with the Word and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit have a strong desire to witness and share the gospel they have just been taught.  Last year there were 5 cell groups started by the students in various villages.
By May this year (2019) there were 27 cell groups.  At this writing we are at 32 cell groups, Glory to God.

Below are some pictures of a few of the groups.

 Pastor Nget SamOll and his wife Sokunthia traveled by Moto to a village to share the gospel.  They brought the Word of God and led one of the village leaders to the Lord.

Growing Children's Ministries

Sokunthia Kingdom Kids Teacher

Sokunthia is a Pastor's wife, evangelist, mother and children's teacher.  She has an evident love for Christ and for his people.  She travels to various villages every week taking the Word of God to the parents of the children her and her daughter teach.  Kysia her daughter is 12.  She leads the worship with the children while mom teaches.

 As she travels she shares the gospel and prays for the sick.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Fruit that remains and multiplies

We reconnected with this man as we were visiting a church a couple of months ago.  He had graduated from one of the Bible Schools 3 years ago and was so happy to see us.  When we asked what he was doing now, he responded..."My wife and I have 9 cell groups.  Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we go to each one and teach the Word of God."  
It has always been our goal to see "fruit that remains".  We are sure that there are stories like this one all over Cambodia.  It this writing there have been over 750, two-year graduates from "The House Cambodia Bible Schools" These schools were started in 2011 and continue to grow each year.  Thank you Lord for your blessing, favor and the honor of serving you through the teaching of the Word of God.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

February 2019


Hello again from Cambodia,

It's been a while since we sent out an e-newsletter, so we thought we'd send all our internet readers an update. God has been doing some mighty works, touching and changing lives while empowering our leaders with boldness through the Holy Spirit to believe God's Word and act on it. Below are a few testimonies to Bless and encourage you as well as us, and this is only the second month of school for 2019!

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Don Whitney Ministries.

Light Conquers Darkness
Raised from the dead!

"I am so thankful to God, I part of this ministry. My student called me, to say her daughter is in hospital. Doctor say she dead but student say I will call my Pastor/Teacher. Doctor say it too late to call anyone, she passed away. My student called me and asked that I pray. I told her to put her hand on her daughter and I pray by phone. Daughter came back to life". The mother is 73 years old and the daughter who is 48 has now received Christ as her Savior. PTL
Power over witchcraft
Our Instructor talked with a man who could not come to class the first day of school because his friend was sick. He called, to say his friend was dying and the family called the witch doctor to come. Around the room, everyone was saying he would not live. Our student called the instructor to pray and he began praying in Jesus name. Ten minutes later the student called the instructor back and said the sick person had sat up and was now eating food.

Cleansing from Strongholds of darkness

Here we see Bible School leaders bringing the Truth of God's Word to a village home. They witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ and several received Him as Savior. They removed witchcraft symbols in the home and cleansed it through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ!
Since January, at least
10 have given their hearts to the lord.
6 have been miraculously healed,
1 raised from the dead.

All Glory to God! Our leaders and students continue to grow and learn as they go out into their communities every month bringing the truth of the Gospel to the hungry.

If you would like to help support one of the various needs of our Bible Schools, such as:

*Transportation costs to Leadership Training @ $20 per month
*Translating of discipleship materials for outreaches - one Time gift $200
*Printing material for the monthly classes @ $20 per month.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in helping in any of the above areas. Just press the button below for making a monthly donation or one time gift. We appreciate any and all gifts.
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Four new Schools
Exploding Children's Ministry
We are so thankful for Bible School students who have committed to teaching Children in their surrounding neighborhoods
Over 120 children and growing are being taught every week the Children's Outreach.
These Team Leaders meet every quarter for training and fellowship
Children's Outreach Team
Children's Outreach Team also meet quarterly for training and learning new songs and methods of teaching.

Below is Heather, our Outreach Director and Khema one of the Children's instructors.
Missions Team from The House Modesto and South Eastern University.
We're excited to have a team from our home town in Modesto, CA visit us in March, just a few weeks away. It's going to be a busy time as they come and minister at the schools. We are combining all the schools into one location which can be a logistical challenge, bringing them in from the various provinces, but all are excited and looking forward to the teaching on Praise and Worship by Pastor Ben Brown of SEU along with his team. This team of 15 will not only be ministering at the Bible Schools but to the Children Outreaches as well. We know God will continue to do amazing things in our midst as the students learn
more of His Presence in worship and praise .